(POSTPONED) Shop update announcement !!!

Hi everyone ! If you do not follow me on Instagram then you might have missed this big news that I shared last night.

The shop update was supposed to happen tomorrow but I have moved it to next Sunday, the 13th.

My clay items are going to need another coat of resin which will take a long time to cure properly so I made the decision to postpone the shop update. I really wanted to still go through with it as I have been waiting for so long already but I realize that the quality of my items is definitely more important than anything else.

I am really hoping that after all this hard work they will be as good as I can possibly make them with my current set of skills. And I hope that you love them too !

So, mark your calendars :

the shop update will be on
Sunday, 13th September ! ♥

I did a quick drawing of Suzy last night as well to communicate this message to my followers :

What new items will be available ?

  • Suzy the jackdaw sticker packs
  • Art prints of Suzy in her chef outfit
  • Handmade clay pins/brooches and magnets ( such as Suzy’s cat cookies, mushrooms from her world and more…)

I cannot wait to show you all the things that I have created ! I have to get back to work now because there is still a lot for me to do so see you on the 6th of September! ♥

If you wish to support me but cannot currently afford to buy something from my shop, consider a small donation (the price of a coffee 😉 ) to my Ko-Fi account :

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Also keep in mind that donating/buying from my shop aren’t the only ways to support me. All of the views, likes, comments, shares, are also extremely helpful and they also all contribute to the smile on my face and the fire in my heart ♥

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