Behind the art #2 : The Cat cookies

Last week, I launched some new products on my Etsy shop where I finally introduced my handmade clay pins & brooches along with the new Suzy stickers & prints. You can click here to check it all out.

I had been waiting forever to show you my “clay babies” — as I like to call them — and now that they are out there, I can finally start telling you some stories about them.

In this Behind the Art post, we will be focusing on the cat cookie pins.

What exactly are cat cookies?

Cat cookies are one of Suzy the jacdkaw’s specialty.

Suzy says that they taste delicious but she does not feel ready yet to share the recipe with you all. 😉

The idea for these came to me while I was first trying my hands at polymer clay. You can see a picture of the first prototype below.

When I made the first cat cookie, I had no idea what it was. A cat inside a paper cupcake case ?..

I found it really cute though so when I started working on bigger batches, I made more of those strange little cats.

It wasn’t until I started painting Suzy in her chef outfit that those smooth little pieces of baked clay became cat cookies.

A light came on inside my brain and I had a vision of Suzy, in her cute flower apron, baking the cat cookies (which I eventually turned into a reality as you will see later in this post) and then when I was painting them, everything made sense.

How did I make them?

To create the cat cookies, I used three different brands of polymer clay : white FIMO, beige Sculpey III and white Premo.

The reason why I did not simply stick to one is because I was still experimenting to see which one would be easier to paint on.

They all have different levels of firmness as well and after trying them out, I found that it was easier for me to work with Premo. But I could talk about this in another post if anyone is interested.

So, some cat cookies might be from a FIMO batch while others might have a beige colour underneath all the paint and you wouldn’t even know. 🤯

To paint them, I used acrylic paint and it took two or three layers to get the coverage that I wanted.

The eyes, whiskers and lines are all done with a black PITT Artist pen (from Faber-Castell) as I could not get them right with my brushes.

After that, all I had left to do was glaze them. I blu-tacked them to a big piece of cardboard and carefully coated them with Art Resin.

After 72 hours they were cured and ready for me to glue the butterfly stitch pins to their backs (and the glue took a few more days to dry).

It was quite a long journey to make 11 cat cookies, two of which I kept for myself as they weren’t “perfect” enough (and also I just really wanted to have my own 🍪).

The cat cookies are also available in a sticker pack with Suzy wearing her chef outfit.

These stickers are not made by me for the moment as I am still saving up to a really good printer that can make long lasting & high-quality prints.

They are printed on vinyl by Stickermule and they are beautiful ! The colours are loyal to my paintings and they are also durable & waterproof (which is kind of crazy to me ☔).

I am looking forward to being able to make my own stickers because I would love being in complete control of the process and final results. That being said, Stickermule do an amazing job at turning my art into stickers and I can’t complain.

Work in progress pictures

I wish I had taken more pictures of the process of making my clay pins & brooches but to be honest, it was so much hardwork that I would easily get lost in it. I also got super frustrated when I messed them up and had to sand them (twice!) so I didn’t feel like taking pictures because I felt like I had done a bad job. 😦

Anyways. I managed to salvage a few pictures from chats with my family and compiled them into a short little slideshow for you to enjoy ♥

The “baking of” comic

I was mentioning earlier this idea of Suzy baking the cookies while wearing her cute little apron : I made it into a comic for the promotion of the shop update.

I have been dreaming of so many adventures for Suzy for a long while now and I was happy to finally get to draw one !

If you missed it on Instagram, here it is :

Even though it was a little bit rushed, it was really fun to make ! I would love to create more comics in the future because I am still far from releasing an illustrated Suzy book and it is the next best thing.

It wasn’t originally supposed to be a digital painting but since I didn’t have much time to get it done, I had to scan my sketch and turn to my graphics tablet.

Here is a picture of my original sketch of the comic in which I got the order of the story mixed up ( how??? ) and the first digital sketch :

I am thinking of printing the digital sketch as a colouring page at the back of the receipts when people order cat cookies. But I might also offer it as a free digital download either on the shop or my website. What do you think ?

Now it’s time for your comments.

Let me know if there is anything else that you would like to know about the cat cookies or Suzy. I’d be happy to answer your questions. 😉

Thank you for reading ♥

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