You can now buy me a coffee !

I know this is an out-of-schedule post, but I have a little announcement to make :

Suzy & I have recently joined ko-fi !

If you don’t know what ko-fi is, let me explain a little.

It is an online platform that allows people to support the work of their favourite creators through small (or bigger, if you’d like) donations.

You might think that it is much like Patreon but it isn’t. For two reasons :

  • they do not take a commission off of your donation so all the money that you put in goes directly to the person you are supporting 🌈
  • you can make one-time donations which means that there isn’t the same commitment of having to pay x amount every month to the artist (which not everyone can afford!)

There is also the option of a membership but for the moment I haven’t activated it as I do not have the budget myself to pay for a “Gold” subscription on ko-fi in order to unlock all the exclusive rewards options.

(I also do not feel like many people would be interested in paying me monthly for special content yet. But I’m sure we will get there!)

How to support me on ko-fi

It is actually pretty simple. (Assuming you are a user of PayPal or Stripe which are the only two available payment options at the moment.)

I have a page where I can share pictures, updates but also create tiny fundraisers for specific projects.

All you have to do if you want to help fund a project or simply make a small donation, is go to my page which you can do by clicking this button :

Buy Me a Coffee at

The main reason that I created this page is because I know that some people might want to support me in other ways but cannot necessarily afford to buy from my shop at the moment.

The minimum donation on my ko-fi is of 3€ which is the average price of a cup of coffee in Ireland ☕

What is the point of donating ?

Just like when you buy from my shop, you help me keep everything going and keeping my dreams (& myself alive).

For the price of one cup of coffee, you can help me afford new art supplies, tools, maybe even snack, food or an actual coffee, which all contribute to me still being able to create art.

Now, please, do keep in mind that you never have to give me anything if you can’t or simply don’t want to.

Sadly, our existence really revolves around money. I wish it was possible to only live off of happiness & love but unfortunately, this is not the world we designed. But that doesn’t make everything else worthless at all !

All of your likes, comments and shares are just as helpful as the sales and donations. They don’t directly help paying the bills no, but they make me feel happy and supported just as well, AND they help me grow my online presence as well which is lovely ♥

If you have a few coins to spare and really enjoy the things that I create & share for free online, consider buying me a coffee to help me lay down another brick to my empire ♥ (You can click on Suzy below to go to my page 😉 )

Click on the picture to visit us on Ko-Fi

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