About the artist & the art

Before I begin, I want to take a moment to personally thank you for your time and for visiting my website. ♥

Who am I ?

My name is Chloë Rivière and I am a self-taught artist & musician from Réunion and currently based in Cork, Ireland (which means that there is over 10 000 kilometres separating my new home from my homeland).

I live to create & share my stories and I believe that art can only come to life once it is shared with at least one other soul.

All of my work is honest to who I am, the way I see & feel the world and is fueled by my fears, my love and the neverending rain inside of me.

I always put in 110% in everything that I make and this will never change. 🔥

( I also like to write a lot so be warned. )

Where it all started…

My art journey only truly started a few years back when I flew to Ireland and left everything I knew behind.

Before that I was a literature and theater student in Réunion and then France, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

Not a moment went by where I couldn’t hear the heavy whispers of music & art calling me ; so I left with a bag full of books and a head full of hope.

It wasn’t a smooth sailing but I found my fire in the beautiful city of Cork which has now become my home.

Now, although I am so far from my island, it still plays a big role in my life and keeps my feet solidly rooted in the ground while my spirit floats freely in the clouds.

The beautiful sights of nature in Réunion have always made my soul sing and to this day they continue fueling my creativity and inspiring me to represent nature in my art, not just the way I see it but also the way it makes me feel.

This is the reason I fell in love with Ireland. It is just beautiful beyond words, so many landscapes and birds and other animals to fill my heart with love & gratitude and inspire me.

About my art

I like to believe that my art is an accurate reflection of who I am. It can be wild as the Indian Ocean and warm as the tropical rain ; it can be soft as a sunny afternoon breeze and cold as the ice cubes in my whiskey sour.

I often am standing at opposite poles simultaneously ; a paradox. So my art is never simply one thing. I will spend six hours on a realistic graphite portrait and another two hours working on an illustration of Suzy the jackdaw with her hat and her flower picking basket.

I do not have a favourite medium and I do not want to pick one because what fun would that be ? I believe as well that restricting myself to just one medium would be putting some unnecessary restrictions on my self-expression ( and I also need to keep all of the doors open to appease my anxiety).

I’d rather have a messy looking palette filled with all the things that make me smile than a tidy one that does not make sense to me nor brings me joy.

Music is my main weapon against the different shades of darkness inside of me and the ones that surrounds me. But the truth is that with it alone, I wouldn’t be able to stand the way I do. My art is another vital pillar to my existence and survival.

It has helped me through waves of sorrow and anxiety but also to process brighter emotions like love and happiness. It is not just something that I can stop doing as it is the plain & simple way that I see, feel, process and remember all that exists and all that happens to me and around me.

I create, therefore I am. And I cannot stop because it is the only way I know how to breathe.

I am beyond thankful to everyone that appreciate my art enough to invest in it & also to those that entrust me with designing custom pieces for them.
And I am also thankful to the ones that give away their time to look at my art, read and listen to my stories.
You might not feel like it but you are fueling my fire and a humongous help in making my dreams come true.

Thank you for supporting me and my small business ♥