Avoiding plastic & waste

I grew up surrounded by nature and was taught a deep respect and love for animals and our planet from a very young age.

Now as a self-employed artist & owner of an Etsy shop, I try my hardest to make my packaging as eco-friendly & plastic-free as possible. I also try to encourage my customers to reuse what they can when possible.

I want to always try my best to ensure where possible, that all packing and packaging materials are made of recyclable, recycled, reused or reusable materials. It can be challenging at times but all the effort is worth it when it comes to protecting our home and building a cleaner environment for our successors.


For packaging my delicate items (such as original art, stickers and prints), I use glassine bags which help protect the art.

They are recyclable as well as biodegradable. And they can totally be reused as well despite the tiny holes caused by the staples.

I also use tissue paper for wrapping orders that I either buy myself or reuse from my personal orders or gifts.

I wrap them the same way I usually wrap my presents so they feel a tiny bit more special when you receive them.

And the great thing about tissue paper as well is that you can use it again to wrap your own presents or even to decorate old books, journals, etc.


In the spirit of DIY that has been passed onto me by my mother & sister, I upcycle as much as I can.

I handmake most of my header cards from clean packaging (from food or from personal/business orders).

They might not look as classy as some people would wish but for something that will more likely than not be thrown away, I don’t think it is worth wasting ressources on.

They are also fun and relaxing for me to make and it brings me joy to be able to add more personal touches to everything that I make.


The all-board envelopes that I use are also made from environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled.

However, please note that for the moment, these envelopes all still use a plastic easy opening strip but I am looking into find better ones.

For my clay items I use kraft bubble padded bags for the moment which is not ideal.

Once my current stock runs out I will be moving on to fully recyclable honeycomb-patterned envelopes.

Paper & printing

I use kraft paper for my thank you cards which are an essential part of my orders.

It is important for me to always remain thankful for all opportunities that I get to create and share my art and also to always show gratitude

For printing documents such as invoices, I use 100% recycled paper but I prefer to send digital files when possible.

I understand that packaging is a great part of branding and so I try my hardest to make mine reflect my values and the messages that I am trying to convey with my art as well.

Nature is beautiful & generous to us and I believe that it is our duty to care for Her in return and to protect Her as much as we can. It is not about being perfect but it is about trying our best. I know it is not always easy/possible to make the kindest choices but we must always try within our means to minimize our environmental impact.

No individual is too small, no action is pointless. Every little thing that you do matters in some way and you need to remember to look at the bigger picture which is that this our home and we need to take care of it.